Save On Postal And Reach More Customers With Our Occupant Mailing Lists

Looking for a way to reach a massive audience with your messaging affordably? Consider our occupant mailing lists.

Our occupant mailing lists are the most effective way to reach everyone in a specific area with your direct mailers. With occupant mailing lists, you pick your target region and we will provide all the contact information for the residents of the area. Occupant mailing lists are also called “saturation mailing lists” because they help you saturate your target geographic market with your brand messaging. They are also called “resident mailing lists” because they engage all of the residents in a certain geographic area.
Whether you want to target your local community, your state, or the entire United States, our nationwide occupant lists are the perfect way to reach any target customers.
With occupant mailing lists you’ll save time on the most labor-intensive and time-consuming part of the sales funnel: Prospecting. Identifying your target, collecting their information, and ensuring its accuracy is very resource intensive. Let us help you skip ahead of all this hard, expensive work to the selling part. By using our occupant mailing lists, you’ll be able to focus your time and resources on other marketing efforts. Making all of your marketing more successful than ever. This is why our occupant mailing lists are extremely popular, not just with businesses but also with nonprofits and public campaigns as well.

How Businesses Benefit From Direct Mailing Campaigns

Direct mailers are still one of the most impactful marketing strategies you can implement. The primary reason they are so effective is they bring your message directly to your customers when they are most ready to receive them. Here are just some of the advantages of direct marketing:

  • Connect with potential customers to generate new leads
  • Business awareness around your brand, products, and services
  • Improve customer retention by building strong customer relationships
  • Cross-sell to existing customers and increase repeat purchases
  • There is less competition in the mailbox than online
  • Direct mail is easy to plan and implement, especially with Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing’s complete mailing services
  • Compliments your digital marketing strategy

Direct mailing also has a very high return on investment (ROI) when compared to other marketing channels. Direct mail has an extremely high open of 90%, an engagement rate of 42%, and a response rate of 62%. As a result, on average, businesses experience an ROI of 18-20% on direct mailers. In fact, every dollar spent on direct mailers has an average return of $12.

What Is An Occupant Mailing List?

Occupant mailing lists have many names. They are often called saturation mailing lists, resident mailing lists, and residential mailing lists. Regardless of the terminology, occupant lists are databases containing the addresses within a certain zip code or mail delivery route. With occupant mailing lists you can reach every person within a specific area. When you send your direct mailers, they will not ever be returned as they will go to the current resident. These are especially good for local businesses like restaurants and bars, contractors like lawn care providers or window replacement companies, or coupon books. Occupant mailing lists are also perfect for small local businesses just launching. They’ll help raise brand awareness and brand recognition with your local community, as well as, bring in new business.
National businesses can also benefit from occupant mailing lists. For example, providers of common consumer goods like food, personal care items, or appliance manufacturers that everyone uses can use them to reach new and existing customers. This is also true for providers of common services like insurance, tax professionals, and financial services.

There are many reasons to plan a direct mail marketing campaign using our occupant mailing list including:

  • Occupant mailers are easy to execute because they don’t require personalization
  • Occupant mailers offer more affordable postage
  • There are no returned mailers which also saves you money
  • You can reach all the addresses in an area quickly and efficiently
  • Drive more traffic to your business

Why Occupancy Lists Help You Reach More Customers

There are many benefits to using an occupancy list for your direct mailing strategy. The biggest benefit is that you will reach more customers. The occupant mailing lists from Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing cover the entire United States. We have one of the largest and most comprehensive databases on the market. No matter what your geographic or demographic target is, we’ll provide a customized occupancy list to help you reach your business goals.

How Occupancy Lists Help You Save On Postage

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has many programs to help marketers save money on postage for direct mailers. One of these is by sending to the same zip code. With sorting and delivery less intensive for the USPS, they can pass those savings onto you. When you use an occupant mailing list, you will on average pay $0.03-$0.05 less on postage per mailer. This may not seem like a lot but it adds up quickly especially when you send hundreds, thousands, or millions of mailers.

To save using occupancy mailing lists, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. We’ll help you calculate your cost savings and determine the best strategy for your business goals.

How Direct Mailing Lists Save You Money

You won’t just save on postage with our occupant direct mailing lists. All of our direct mailing lists help you save a lot of money. Mailing lists help you skip the most labor and resource-intensive process of the sales funnel. This is identifying, researching, and collecting contact information of potential customers–even when you are just targeting a small geographic area. Mailing lists have all the contact, demographic, and lifestyle you need to target your messaging to the right potential customers.

When you skip this step you don’t just save money on your business resources. You also end up with more resources for all your other marketing efforts because you can use the time and labor saved on leads prospecting on them. This means by purchasing a contract list you will have multiple returns on your investment because you will secondarily be able to double your other marketing efforts. This will help you access new customers from all your marketing channels, helping your business grow.

What Is The Difference Between A Consumer Mailing List And An Occupant Mailing List?

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a complete leads list provider. We have both consumer mailing lists and occupant mailing lists. Here are some key differences between these lists:

  • Consumer Mailing List: Are designed to reach a specific target audience. Consumer lists focus on the demographic, lifestyle, and psychographic data points of the individuals. Consumer mailing lists are tailored to specific businesses based on their buyer personas. For example, a consumer mailing list may target homeowners, men over 60, or apparel buyers. Using a consumer list allows you to just target the people most interested in your products and services with your direct mail campaigns.

  • Occupant Mailing List: On the other hand, occupant mailing lists, also known as saturation mailing lists, focus on the geographic data points of the individual. The list includes all the addresses for a certain area. These areas can be very small like a few blocks in your local practice area or they can be national. They can be addressed to individuals or “current residents.” The goal of occupant mailing lists is to reach everyone in a region that would be interested in your products and services.

If you’re not sure if a consumer mailing list or an occupant mailing list is the right choice for your direct mailing needs, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. Our helpful account representatives will review your business goals and determine which list is best for your needs.

How To Grab Attention Without Personalization

Personalization is one of the best ways to ensure a high response rate to your direct mailers. However, some businesses perform better with occupant direct mail lists. If you’ve never sent a resident saturation direct mail campaign, here are some tips to help you ensure success:

  1. Create An Eye-Catching Design

The best way to save money on resident mailing lists with the USPS is to follow their guidelines. They often have sizing and weight specifications that are designed to keep your costs low. You’ll use these specifications to design your mailer but they aren’t limited in terms of graphic design. Use bold colors, high-definition photography, and engaging images to attract attention.

  1. Keep It Relevant:

Although with occupant mailers you will not implement personalization, you can still keep the messaging relevant to the person. Reference the local area and show that you are active in the local community. Entire them with an attractive offer and incentivize their response.

  1. Simple Is Best:

Busy mailers are very hard to read and understand. Keeping the content, copy, and design simpler will ensure people can connect with your message. A good idea is to also consider accessibility. Since you are reaching out to all members of the community including our elderly, make sure that the font is easy to read, larger, and has a good contrast ratio.

  1. Offer Value:

Although there is less competition in the mailbox, you still have competition. To stand out and make an impact with your mailer, you need to offer value. Common ways to offer value include providing important information, addressing their pain points, or solving a common problem in the community.

  1. Make Your CTA Stand Out:

Once your recipient has read your offer, you need to tell them how to claim it. This is your “call to action” (CTA). Your CTA is a set of instructions like “visit our website to learn more” or “use this coupon to save big”. This ensures that they take advantage of your offering and become a customer. This is very important so make sure your CTA stands out with larger font, brighter colors, and decorative elements like banners and seals.

If you have any questions, speak with our expert account representatives at Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. We offer complete letter and mailing services that can empower you to optimize your direct mail campaign to ensure a higher rate of success.

Create Your Own Targeted Resident Mailing List

At Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing, we know that mailing lists are not one-size-fits-all, even resident mailing lists. When you work with us, you can fully customize your list to meet your business needs. You can narrow down your target to specific neighborhood blocks. You can also target neighborhoods with specific demographic characteristics like active-duty military members, retirees, or young families. By customizing your list, you can reach the potential consumers most likely to make a purchase.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Is Your Trusted List Provider

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was founded in Las Vegas to help businesses gain a competitive advantage. As a certified service-disabled veteran-owned business, we pride ourselves on being the most trusted list provider. Don’t take our word for it. We have active contracts with the federal government because they know they can count on our quality and accuracy. We offer one of the largest databases on the market to help you saturate any region of the country or the entire United States itself.
All of our lists, including our residential mailing lists, are built using the strictest collection protocols. Our lists are then thoroughly vetted, verified, and checked through national data certification systems like the NCOA (National Change of Address) and the CAAS (Certified Address Accuracy System). We update our data points constantly to ensure the most up-to-date accurate information. When you work with us for your mailing lists, you can be assured of the highest possible rate of delivery.

If you’re ready to get started with our occupant mailing or even if you still have a few questions, contact us. Our helpful account representatives will answer any questions you have and walk you through the process. You reach more customers while saving big!